Melissa Olson

About icatchfoxes

icatchfoxes is the creative pseudonym of me, Melissa S. Olson: Designer, Illustrator, Photographer and Writer. This photo was taken along the Pacific Coast near San Luis Obispo, California. I selected this photo as your introduction to me for two reasons.
One: my wonderful brother took the photograph, and two: I love to travel. (The first reason is notable because my brother is awesome. The second reason is notable because should you request my help at any distance and wish to hire me, I am eager, willing and able to travel.)

Questions, limericks, greetings, fugues and requests for freelance can be delivered via electronic correspondence to melissa [at] For your convenience (should you prefer more traditional methods of communication) most carrier pigeons know where to find me.

I grew up in Northeast Ohio where I attended Kent State University for one year, majoring in Visual Communication Design. I then transferred to The University of Akron where I was able to double major in Graphic Design and Photography. I graduated with honors in May 2010 with a BFA in both fields and a minor in Commercial Photography.

I completed two extensive internships while in school, both in Akron, Ohio. The first was with the very creative, highly sought out 427 Design. The second internship was with WhiteSpace Creative, the mid-size full-service agency known for it’s participation in the annual Create-a-Thon.  After graduating, I moved to the West coast and began my professional career in Fresno, California where I’ve previously worked for both mid-size and boutique agencies.

I  am currently based out of Akron, Ohio working with clients across the country. Please contact me, let’s work together!

Currently represented by Hide & Seek Gallery for all fine art photography ventures.

Available for freelance, events & commission in all parts of the world.

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